Cromartie High School 1x12

Road Safety

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Some boys come to Mechazawa to seek help from their enemy Bass High. Since Mechazawa has a friend in Bass High, they hope that he will be able to help them out. But, Mechazawa tells them that they have to clean up their own mess. Mechazawa heads out to play pachinko, but gets mistaken for a pachinko machine! He then gets some gas, but is mistaken for a motorcycle! He rides his motorcycle in the cold air at a high speed. He crashes into a wall and is found in many little pieces by Kamiyama and Hayashida. They put him back together, but merge him into a motorcycle! When some punks start trouble with a woman, Kamiyama comes riding on Motorcycle- Mechazawa and rescues her. However, for some reason, he’s thrown in jail!
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