Gakusen Toshi Asterisk / The Asterisk War 2x12


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Ayato wakes up three days after fighting Ophelia. Julis explains the story about Ophelia as she used to be a very kind girl, but with the orphanage in desperate need of money, she was sold off to be experimented on by the Arlequint scientist Hilda Jane Rowlands. She was artificially made into a Genestella that wilts any plants that she approaches. The capital is under attack by Gustave's chimeras, while he unleashes a hydra monster to attack Julis. Ayato, Julis, and Saya defeat the hydra while Kirin arrests Gustave. As everybody heads back to Seidoukan, Julis lets Jolbert know that she intends to change Lieseltania and commits herself to fighting in the Gryps Festa. Back at Seidoukan, Ayato sees Haruka's comatose body. He is approached by Hilda and despite being aware of what she did with Ophelia, Ayato allows her to operate on Haruka.
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24m 2016 178 vizionari

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