Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden 1x3

A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji / Tenten's Must-Win Battle

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One of Lee's teammates is Hyuuga Neji, a talented ninja who many refer to as a genius. So talented in fact, that he took out an enemy boss from the Hidden Grass Village in one strike! Frustrated, Lee challenges Neji, hoping to prove that with enough hard work, a genius can be defeated! There's one thing Tenten can't stand, and that's her teammates Lee and Neji not treating her like a woman. Just as she's getting mad, they encounter a female bandit and her gang and the two of them attempt to protect the leader from her underlings. All Tenten wants is for her teammates to notice that she's a girl, too.
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24m 2012 300 vizionari

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