Night Wizard the Animation 1x1

Lunar Casket ~Red Moon, Blue Eyes~

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Renji Hiiragi is dispatched by Anzelotte, his employer, to destroy a group of Emulators with the aid of fellow Night Wizard Akari Himuro. The two easily destroy the Emulators, although Renji complains that he cannot attend school due to his job. Elsewhere, Elis Shihō transfers into Kimei Private Academy, Renji's school, and joins the Astronomy Club headed by Kureha Akabane. Renji tries to return to school, but is shepherded away by Anzelotte for another mission. As he walks home in the evening, Anzelotte picks up him via helicopter for a third mission. A red moon then appears in the sky, and Elis walks entranced towards an old sakura tree at the school, and Kureha follows her. The Demon Lord Bell Zephyr sends an Emulator to kill the two, and Kureha reveals that she is a Night Wizard as well. Renji arrives as well, but the two are unable to stop the Emulator from attacking Elis, whose bracelet absorbs a jewel from the sakura tree and manifests as a group of shields. Renji dispatches the Emulator, and Renji and Kureha take Elis to Anzelotte.
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