Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai / Listen to Me Girls Im Your Father 1x4

Wonderful Life

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Yuuta awakens to find Sora hugging him. She starts screaming when she finally awakens. Yuuta leaves the three girls in his apartment with an instruction never to leave home and never answering the door. Yuuta was later ambushed by Raika and the rest of the Sightseeing Club for him not visiting them in awhile. Meanwhile, the girls had to do something, given the rather huge bill for their breakfast. They tidy the room, head to the laundry shop, and shop for vegetables for dinner, though Hina starts writing on the wall with permanent pens and making dinner being a disaster. Though Yuuta, coming home late, gets upset with what happened, his being upset is replaced by happiness, because he understands the thought of all of it counts.
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