Phi Brain Puzzle of God / Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle 3x4

Eating Delicious Things is an Alternate Method for Solving Puzzles

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Whilst Kaito is having a picnic with Jin and Nonoha, Raetsel appears before Kaito, stating that the Fools' Puzzles made Jin suffer, clashing with Kaito's own memories of him. However, Nonoha helps them realise there are some memories of Jin that they both share. Meanwhile, a Master Brain named Dr. Theorem appears before Cubic, who decides to face him in a puzzle to prevent him from reaching Kaito. Cubic is tasked with finding 'the most beautiful number' within 15 minutes before he is engulfed in flames. After Kaito learns of Cubic's predicament, he rushes to his aid and helps him find the solution; the golden ratio. After the battle, however, Jin starts experiencing pains in his head.
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