Princess Tutu 1x5

Act 5 - Chapter of the Egg: On the Eve of the Fire Festival ~ Bilder einer Ausstellung: Die Katakomben

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Duck learns about the Fire Festival. Duck, punished again, is charged with cleaning the room of the advanced class. She arrives at the classroom and finds Mytho, dressed in Festival garb, awaiting Rue to practice dancing together. Since she is absent, he decides to dance with Duck instead, to her joy. As punishment for not listening to him, Fakir locks Mytho up in a closet. He follows a light under the floor, and Duck follows him into the catacombs. She goes in search of Mytho, and a voice begins telling her riddles. She gets them all wrong, but finds the room Mytho is in, regardless, and gets locked in the room. She transforms into Princess Tutu and finally gets the answer to the riddles, revealing the voice is a lamp with a piece of heart.
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