Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen 1x1

Tale 1

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The story follows the beginning of the manga from the moment when Jun answers the invitation from Laplace and Shinku is delivered to him. Soon after, Suigintou appears to attack Shinku and after Jun accepts to become Shinku's servant, she decides to flee. After learning the rules of the Alice Game from Shinku, Jun researches about the Rozen Maiden on the internet while Kanaria tries to sneak into his house with no success. However, Suiseiseki appears asking for Shinku's help, claiming that she does not want to make a contract with the man who became the master of her sister Souseiseki. However, they are drawn to Souseiseki's N-Field and after a brief confrontation, Souseiseki decides to surrender her Rosa Mystica to her sister, but Suigintou appears, only to steal it for herself. Some time later, the seventh doll, Kirakishou, draws Hinaichigo to her N-Field and takes possession of her body, as she do not have a proper one, and Hinaichigo's Rosa Mystica is delivered to Shinku. Meanwhile, Jun is at home and realises that Shinku and Suiseiseki have gone missing and decides to search for them. At that moment, Laplace appears and shows him a mysterious door inside the N-Field and asks him if he would open it or not. Jun agrees and passes through it.
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