Seikon no Qwaser / The Qwaser of Stigmata 2x1

The Lily Princess of Silver

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Sasha and Hana are sent by Athos to infiltrate a highly-advanced all-girls school called the "Roman Curia Suirei Academy" in order to find "The Magdala of Thunder," one of the five known High Ancient Elemental Circuits. This being Qwaser, lots of breast-sucking ensues as Sasha works his way through the student body to find said Circuit. However, Sasha has to deal with a brand new class while disguising himself as a girl. On top of that, the Adepts are lurking in the background and making their own plans.
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24m 2011 305 vizionari

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  • cosmin - 24 aprilie, 2022

    domne va iubesc
    cine a tradus asta il pup si il sug de opai