Sword Art Online 1x20

General of the Blazing Flame

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Kirito and Leafa interrupt the attack from happening, in which Kirito rushes forward and addresses Eugene, the general of the Salamanders. Kirito bluffs his position as an ambassador for the alliance between the Spriggans and the water fairy Undines, cautioning Eugene of a potential declaration of war against all four races. Due to disbelief, Eugene challenges Kirito to a duel, but Kirito, having borrowed Leafa's sword, wins using his duel wielding technique, forcing the Salamanders to retreat. Sakuya, leader of the Sylphs, contacts Sigurd and banishes him from the race for his betrayal. Since the Sylphs and Cat Siths are now in an alliance and plan to assault the World Tree in a few days, Kirito donates a large sum of money to Alicia Rue, leader of the Cat Siths, before he and Leafa continue their journey to the World Tree. Meanwhile, Asuna escapes from her cage to find a way out of the World Tree.
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  • Novac Daniel - 26 mai, 2022

    Recomand cu mare încredere
    Acest anime este foarte bun vezi cum evoluează personajul principal prin ce încercări trece
    Foarte bun