Ueki no Housoku / The Law of Ueki 1x22

The Law of Inumaru

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Sano joined the ten for a very specific reason: to rescue Inumaru from a devious attack by Karl Paccho. Using a Death Pentagon, an insect that can instantly kill a heavenly being, Karl forced Sano to join or watch his God Candidate die. But Inumaru's sense of justice won't stand for these conditions. He breaks the cardinal rule of this tournament: a God Candidate can only grant powers to one individual. When he gives Mori powers of her own, he is instantly sent to Hell, freeing Sano of the Ten's grasp. Of course this only serves to infuriate Ueki even more. With a challenge made to Karl Paccho, a new fight begins. But Karl has a surprise: his talent is to copy the power of other gifted. With all the power of Robert's Ten at his disposal, Ueki is in for a tough fight.
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