Ueki no Housoku / The Law of Ueki 1x32

The Law of True Strenght

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Ueki talks with Pekol who wishes to be strong just like Ueki. Inspired by Ueki's defeat of Gitar, he decides to quit working with Gurano. When he confronts his teammate about this, though, Pekol is verbally deflated and submits to Gurano's whims. With the ability to turn models into the real thing, Gurano summons a giant robot to combat Ueki. With no robot of his own, Ueki must rely on his own abilities. With a bit of ingenuity, Ueki knocks down the first robot, but Gurano summons another more powerful machine. How can Ueki keep fighting someone who can create an endless supply of powerful opponents?
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25m 2005 275 vizionari

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