Ueki no Housoku / The Law of Ueki 1x37

The Law of the Weakness of the Sacred Weapons

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Sano, Mori and Soya are facing the remaining members of Team Marilyn. Sano is doing his best to protect his friends, leaving Soya with a chance to escape. Soya jumps at the chance, but a moment from the past reminds him that even he can overcome his own cowardice. Distracting Team Marilyn, the three of them escape only to be ensnared once again. Mayilyn tells them how hopeless their situation is, explaining how Ueki won't even be able to save them. However, Ueki lives to do the impossible and manages to come just in time to save Sano from a lethal blow. Proving that his sacred treasures aren't as weak as others think they are, Team Ueki is ready to fight on, but who should interrupt but the Kami-sama himself! He reveals the bearer of the ten point necklaces: Marilyn for Team Marilyn and Mori for Team Ueki. Everyone splits up, but how will Team Ueki fare against the well trained Team Marilyn without the benefit of teamwork?
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25m 2005 275 vizionari

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