Ueki no Housoku / The Law of Ueki 1x48

The Law of the Fourth Round

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The fourth round begins and Anon explains the rules. They are quite simple: be the first to make it to Anon and defeat him to win. If they can't, Anon will destroy everyone. While Anon hides in his floating battlefield, everyone attempts to meet up with him, including Ueki and Ai, but they are stopped by Hellion Margarette. Margarette threatens Ueki then goes after Ai. However, due to Ueki's determination to stop Anon, Margarette reveals his true form, and the secret of The Protectors: they are sacred beasts in human form. Meanwhile, Li Ho is the first to meet up with Anon, and they fight. Li Ho stands up pretty well against Anon, managing to block most incoming attacks and show an impressive display of power as usual. However, he is no match for Anon, and is defeated after a long battle. Just as he faints, Rinko and Sano show up ready to fight. But they aren't alone. Ban Dicoot and Diegostar show up to help.
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