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Kageura attacked with Murakami of Suzumari Daiichi who had black arc moon in his hand and Scorpion which can change its shape. However, Kageura's team retreats to Suzumari Daiichi's new strategy! On the other hand, Ema's sniper of Kageura squad joins Osamu who is being pursued by Okudera and Koarai of East squad. However, the shopping mall suddenly blacked out and Ema's sniper shot causes Osamu to lose his right arm. In the dark battle between Kageura team and Suzumei Daiichi, Murakami's invisible slash attacks Kageura. Suzumari Daiichi's ingenious plan using a lighting device makes each unit wonder...! And in Tamakomain 2, Yuuma and Hughes finally make their move!
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