Dramatical Murder 1x12


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As Ren's memories pour inside Aoba's mind, Aoba uses Scrap on himself in order to speak with him. Aoba sees that Ren is falling apart due to the worm. Ren reveals he was originally a part of Aoba's consciousness, his "restraint" that was created to monitor his "desire" (the other Aoba) so that it wouldn't take control of him. However, there was a period of time when Aoba's "desire" took hold of him and Ren could no longer influence him from inside his mind, prompting him to transfer his consciousness into the Allmate's dog body when Aoba discovered it. As a physical being, Ren was able to influence Aoba more easily, but because of Virus and Trip tampering with Aoba's memory in the past, Ren had forgotten his original purpose until the worm infected him. Ren expresses the pain and inferiority he felt during his time as an Allmate, fearing that Aoba would abandon him as he was an older Allmate model, as well as his wish to be with Aoba forever. Despite that, Ren explains that he can no longer perform his duty as Aoba's restraint, and he must disappear. Aoba tells Ren that he is precious to him and doesn't wish for Ren to leave him. Afterwards, the two find Toue and engage in a Rhyme Battle with him and his Allmate Usui, which was made with a part of Sei's consciousness. Once they defeat Toue, they go to see Sei as Toue commits suicide. Sei pleads with Aoba to destroy him and convinces him to accept the "other Aoba", who merely wants to be acknowledged by him. Sei bids farewell to Aoba and Ren, and uses the last of his strength to obliterate Toue's scheme. Mink's Allmate Tori, with his AI chip inserted in Mink's bike, takes Aoba out of Oval Tower as it collapses from bombs planted by Mink's gang. Everyone survives, but Ren's consciousnesses has disappear from the Allmate's body, much to Aoba's despair. A year later, Aoba and the others continue on with their lives peacefully. One day after work, Aoba receives an anonymous message (actually from Virus and Trip) and a demo of "Silent Oath" leading to the hospital, where Aoba discovers Ren now in Sei's body and happily welcomes him home.
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