Dramatical Murder 1x2


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Directly after Aoba's first attack, his normal personality reappears with no memories of what he just did. The mysterious player has his rabbit Allmates relentlessly attack Aoba and Ren again, which causes Aoba's other personality to resurface and seemly destroy the Rhyme Field, ending the battle. Aoba's and Ren's unconscious bodies are safely taken back to Mediocrity by a man wearing a gas mask, who called Aoba "Master". When they awaken, Aoba and Ren both find themselves with no memories of how the battle ended. At night, Aoba calls Virus and Trip to ask them if he played Rhyme before since his memory from a few years ago is hazy. While hanging around in an alley with Morphine's tag art, they claim that Aoba never played Rhyme. When Koujaku comes over to stay for the night, Aoba explains to him what happened to him and is advised to be more careful. The next morning, Aoba meets the masked man outside the junk shop, who introduces himself as Clear and addresses Aoba as "Master" again, stating he came to Aoba because he heard his voice. Bewildered, Aoba sends Clear away and is visited by the young man who forced him into Rhyme. Notes: Toue, Sei, and Ryuho make their first appearance. Toue and Sei are seen in Oval Tower, watching a footage of Aoba's Rhyme battle with Noiz. Ryuho is seen giving Mizuki a drawing of flowers that resembles the tattoos on Koujaku's back.
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