Koihime Musou 2x3

Kousonsan Fights Enshou

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Ryuubi and her party come Kousonsan's city. Kousonsan welcomes them and is surprised that Ryuubi comes with them. She tells them that the sword isn't here now. Because Enshou's lending food for her city, Kousonsan must give it to her as a proof that she will repay Enshou. The party goes to Enshou's place. They're involved to Enshou's stupid games as usual. Koumei loses 0-100 to Ganryou in Question Game (about Enshou's secrets). Ganryou loses Ryuubi 11-13 to Eel Catching (by breasts) Game. And the games later with Bunshuu and Chouhi in Arm Wrestling, Ganryou in Tongue Twister, Bunshuu and Kan-u in Imitations, Ryuubi in "What's in the box?", Bunshuu and Chouun in Staring Contest, Ganryou and Chouhi in Bean Carrying, Clam-matching, Cosplaying and the games come to a tie 150-150. The last match, Kousonsan and Enshou in Sumo Wrestling of Ladies wearing a swan loincloth (though Kousonsan wears her white-horse loincloth), ends with Kousonsan's win (her power goes up while she remembers how unnoticeable she was). Though, Ryuubi can't get her sword back because Enshou just lended it to her cousin Enjutsu before (through Choukun's saying that is a pun of The Emperor's New Clothes). Kousonsan doesn't have to pay for the food Enshou lended her city and Ryuubi's party leaves for Enjutsu's city.
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