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Kakuka and Teiiku Come Into Sousou's Service

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In the journey, Chouhi's stomach hurts. Ryuubi's party comes to a man's resting place for Chouhi to rest. The man claims himself as a doctor and he saves Chouhi from her stomachache. The man introduces himself as Kada of "The Way of Fire Grains" (五斗米道, Gotomedou). He tells the pary about the Taihei Youjutsu using people's hatred of oppression instead of its caster's magical energy. Though it was originally created for good reasons (using energy to help people), the book gained its own will and created more hatred for its power. Kada suspects Sousou has it and goes with the party to reaches her place. They find a spectacles woman fallen with a pool of blood around her, only to find out that's only nosebleed through her friend. They introduce themselves as Kakuka and Teiiku, on the way to come into Sousou's service. Kan-u accepts to introduce them to Sousou. In Sousou's city, Kada goes straight to Sousou's palace and Ryuubi's party with Kakuka, Teiiku go for a meal. Knowing Taihei Youjutsu's truth, Sousou agrees to Kada and stops her search for it. Kada asks her for reason to search it, she tells him about it and eventually, his way to treat her problem makes her mad and kicks him out of her palace. Then, Kan-u asks her for audience and she makes her and Kakuka, Teiiku to her bath. An assassin appears, Kakuka and Kan-u help Sousou to capture her. Finally, Sousou accepts Teiiku as her strategist, Kakuka as her bodyguard (because of her nosebleed "talent").
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