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Rituals of Death

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The episode begins with Kyoko moping over not being able to 'kill Sho like an angel'. She then calls Moko and gets an idea on how to act properly. She imagines that she will be killing Moko's lover for hurting her. Kyoko calls Ren afterwards and he isn't there so she leaves a voice message but realizes she doesn't want him to know she's acting in Sho's PV, so fails to mention her problem. Meanwhile, Mimori is busy rewatching a part of the promo where Sho kisses her hair. Sho sees Kyoko walking towards him and looks at her. Kyoko's face looks deep in frustration and anger and Sho reaches out to her but Kyoko walks away. They start to shoot the killing scene again and Kyoko acts with such angelic grace, leaving Sho shocked and forgetting to do his part. They film again and one of the workers state that Kyoko and Sho look like a couple this way. Kyoko teases Sho because of his mistake but even after quarreling, they acted perfectly. After all that, Mimori knocks on Sho's door and comes in. Sho says in a sloppy tone, and Mimori starts crying because she thinks that Sho keeps thinking about Kyoko. Sho hugs her and she's in a hot gaze so her manager carries her away. Kyoko passes by and states how she didn't know Sho had the power to stop a girl's tears when in their childhood, when she cried, Sho was just standing there watching her. Kyoko didn't want to trouble him and finds a special place to cry alone. That's where she met Corn, the mysterious boy (who was Ren). Kyoko's phone rings and it was from Ren. She starts talking and instead of saying that she had a problem she said that a wonderful event happened today at work. Sho then grabs the phone and ends the conversation by saying it was wonderful because she had made herself more famous by appearing in his promo. Switching to Ren's scene, he thinks to himself that the person who was speaking at the end was Sho Fuwa.
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  • Nicu - 25 mai, 2021

    Va multumesc pentru acest anime foarte mult 😂😂😂
    De multi ani ma tot uitam pe saituri sa ma uit la acest anime în romana 😁😁😁😁😁😀