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The Labyrinth of Reunion

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Kyoko is working at a gas station, thinking about what Ren and her boss said to her. During her break, an advertisement of Sho appears on the television screen, causing her to have a violent breakdown, misinterpreted by her co-worker as a strong fan reaction. When Sho comes to pump gas at the station, her co-worker points her out when Kyoko had intended to escape. Their eyes meet, but Sho does not recognize her, which upsets Kyoko greatly. On the way back, Sho thinks that the unknown girl resembles Kyoko's ability to flatter him, but dismisses her as another fan with short dyed hair. Kyoko goes home that day thinking about her constant dead-ends to show business, but her boss at Darumya encourages her, and Kyoko tries to get herself into L.M.E. again. She accidentally bumps into Kamio (a famous actress), resulting in Kyoko carrying her luggage. Later, while carrying Kamio's bags, Ren offers his help and starts explaining about the new section that would be created in L.M.E., the 'Love-Me' section. This section is a group of people who have star potential but lack the X-factor. In the end, when Ren announces that Kyoko would be the first trainee, Kyoko is dumbfounded and drops Kamio's bags. Kamio gets angry with her, especially after seeing that Ren was helping her with the bags. In the end, Kyoko gets a penalty stamp, and Kyoko is absolutely furious with Ren for tricking her, stating that "He must hate me".
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  • Nicu - 25 mai, 2021

    Va multumesc pentru acest anime foarte mult 😂😂😂
    De multi ani ma tot uitam pe saituri sa ma uit la acest anime în romana 😁😁😁😁😁😀