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Princess Revolution

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Kyoko films with Ren and becomes startled and angry with the way he easily manipulates their acting. Ruriko is unhappy with the praise Kyoko's acting generates. Despite the injury to her ankle, and helped by her smooth movements during the tea ceremony, Kyoko is performing well. However, during filming, Kyoko faints from the strain. This causes Ruriko to reflect on her own attitude towards her work. Kyoko receives full points from Ruriko as thanks for showing a strong work ethic. Ren states later that the director had no intention of allowing Kyoko to act, but rather used her to improve Ruriko's attitude. As a sort of compensation, he arranges for Kyoko to have a photoshoot. After the shoot, the director speaks with Kyoko, thanking her. Kyoko, still oblivious to her true role during the competition with Ruriko, tells him that she is glad Ruriko got the part as her own acting with Ren was not satisfactory. Ren and Yashiro pass by and the director asks them to take her back to her room. Yashiro makes a comment that upsets Kyoko to the point where she sinks to the floor in a state of depression. Thinking her faltering is injury related, Ren helps her stand. The next day, Kyoko explains to Ren that her state had been the result of thinking about Sho, and Ren docks her ten points.
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  • Nicu - 25 mai, 2021

    Va multumesc pentru acest anime foarte mult 😂😂😂
    De multi ani ma tot uitam pe saituri sa ma uit la acest anime în romana 😁😁😁😁😁😀