Amnesia 2013 - Sezonul 1

Ended 12 Episodes
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The heroine wakes up on the morning of August 1 and discovers she has absolutely no memories of the past. A boy appears before her, and he introduces himself as a "spirit" named Orion. The heroine struggles to regain her memories under the guidance of Orion. She then gets a phone call, but she does not recognize the name on her mobile phone screen. She meets her apparent "boyfriend," despite not knowing his face.
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Amnesia 2013 - Season 1 - 12 Episodes
1 Image bikini-warriors-12617-episode-6-season-1.jpg I2013
2 Image bikini-warriors-12618-episode-7-season-1.jpg II2013
3 Image bikini-warriors-12619-episode-8-season-1.jpg III2013
4 Image bikini-warriors-12620-episode-9-season-1.jpg IV2013
5 Image bikini-warriors-12621-episode-10-season-1.jpg V2013
6 Image bikini-warriors-12622-episode-11-season-1.jpg VI2013
7 Image bikini-warriors-12623-episode-12-season-1.jpg VII2013
8 Image Hamatora VIII2013
9 Image IX2013
10 Image X2013
11 Image hamatora-9777-poster.jpg XI2013
12 Image hamatora-9777-backdrop.jpg XII2013
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