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Dragon Ball Z Kai - Sezonul 3

Ended 25 Episodes
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Dragon Ball Z Kai - Season 3 - 25 Episodes
1 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10497-episode-16-season-2.jpg Goku's Final Attack! Countdown to Planet Namek's Destruction!2010
2 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10498-episode-17-season-2.jpg Goku Vanishes Into Space! Welcome Home, Super Warriors!2010
3 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10499-episode-18-season-2.jpg There Is Planet Earth, Father! Frieza and King Cold Strike Back!2010
4 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10500-episode-19-season-2.jpg I Will Defeat Frieza! Another Super Saiyan!2010
5 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10501-episode-20-season-2.jpg Welcome Back, Goku! Confessions of the Mysterious Youth, Trunks!2010
6 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10502-episode-21-season-2.jpg New Technique of Goku, Instant Movement! Special Training Staked on 3 Years From Now2010
7 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10503-episode-22-season-2.jpg The Pair Who Don't Leave a Trace! The Artificial Humans Appear2010
8 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10504-episode-23-season-2.jpg The Unbeatable Enemy Within! Goku vs. Android 19!2010
9 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10505-episode-24-season-2.jpg No Victory for Android 19! Enter Super Vegeta!2010
10 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10506-episode-25-season-2.jpg Piccolo's Assault! Android 20 and the Twisted Future!2014
11 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10507-episode-26-season-2.jpg The Hunt for Doctor Gero! Discover the Hidden Laboratory!2010
12 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10508-episode-27-season-2.jpg #17 and #18, and...! The Artificial Humans Awaken2010
13 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10509-episode-28-season-2.jpg A Sweet Face and Super Power?! Android 18 vs Vegeta!2010
14 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10510-episode-29-season-2.jpg The Time for Reunification Has Come! Piccolo's Unshakeable Resolve!2010
15 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10511-episode-30-season-2.jpg Another Time Machine?! Bulma Uncovers a Mystery!2010
16 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10512-episode-31-season-2.jpg And So the Monster Makes its Move... Take Off! It's the Super Namekian!2010
17 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10513-episode-32-season-2.jpg I am Your Sibling! The Monster with the Ki of Goku2010
18 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10514-episode-33-season-2.jpg Escape Tactic, Taiyoken! Chase after the Artificial Human Cell2010
19 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10515-episode-34-season-2.jpg The Hunt for Cell Is On! Goku, Back in Action!2010
20 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10516-episode-35-season-2.jpg Surpass Super Saiyan! Now, Into the Room of Spirit and Time2010
21 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10517-episode-36-season-2.jpg The Super Namekian Powers Up! Piccolo vs. Android 17!2010
22 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10518-episode-37-season-2.jpg Run Android 17! Piccolo's All-or-Nothing Struggle!2010
23 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10519-episode-38-season-2.jpg Power Unknown! Android 16 Breaks His Silence!2010
24 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10520-episode-39-season-2.jpg Tien's Desperate Attack! Save Your Friends, Goku!2010
25 Image jojos-bizarre-adventure-10521-episode-40-season-2.jpg Beyond Super Saiyan! Vegeta Confronts the Monster Cell!2010
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