Gintama - Sezonul 7

Returning Series 51 Episodes
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Gintama - Season 7 - 51 Episodes
1 Image shugo-chara-23007-episode-14-season-2.jpg You Can Never Pause at the Perfect Time2015
2 Image shugo-chara-23008-episode-15-season-2.jpg Even a Matsui Stick Can't Handle Some Kinds of Dirt2015
3 Image shugo-chara-23009-episode-16-season-2.jpg An Inspector's Love Begins With an Inspection2015
4 Image shugo-chara-23010-episode-17-season-2.jpg Forget Dates, Remember People / You Can Hide Your Porn Mags, But You Can't Hide Your ***2015
5 Image shugo-chara-23011-episode-18-season-2.jpg A Mirror Provides a Frozen Reflection of Both Your Beautiful and Ugly Sides / Nobody Likes the Photo on Their License2015
6 Image shugo-chara-23012-episode-19-season-2.jpg Arriving Late to a Reunion Makes it Hard to Enter2015
7 Image shugo-chara-23013-episode-20-season-2.jpg A Reunion Also Brings to the Surface Things You Don't Want to Remember2015
8 Image shugo-chara-23014-episode-21-season-2.jpg When Compared to Time in the Heavens, Fifty Years of Human Life Resembles Naught but Dreams and Lottery Tickets2015
9 Image shugo-chara-23015-episode-22-season-2.jpg Guys With Big Nostrils Also Have Big Imaginations / You Never Accept a New Sentai Series at the Start, But By the Final Episode, You Don't Want It to End2015
10 Image shugo-chara-23016-episode-23-season-2.jpg 9 + 1 = Yagyu Jyubei2015
11 Image shugo-chara-23017-episode-24-season-2.jpg Calories Come Back to Bite You Just When You've Forgotten About Them2015
12 Image shugo-chara-23018-episode-25-season-2.jpg 10 - 1 =2015
13 Image shugo-chara-23019-episode-26-season-2.jpg All Mothers Pack Too Much Food Into a Lunch Box and Ruin the Shape2015
14 Image shugo-chara-23020-episode-27-season-2.jpg The Reaper by Day and the Reaper by Night2015
15 Image shugo-chara-23021-episode-28-season-2.jpg Human or Demon?2015
16 Image shugo-chara-23022-episode-29-season-2.jpg Farewell, Reaper2015
17 Image shugo-chara-23023-episode-30-season-2.jpg A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes Over and Over2015
18 Image shugo-chara-23024-episode-31-season-2.jpg Amen2015
19 Image shugo-chara-23025-episode-32-season-2.jpg Being a Leader is Tough2015
20 Image shugo-chara-23026-episode-33-season-2.jpg Love is a Roach Motel2015
21 Image shugo-chara-23027-episode-34-season-2.jpg A Sizzle Summer / A Nothing Summer 20152015
22 Image shugo-chara-23028-episode-35-season-2.jpg He's the Sweet Tooth, and I'm the Mayo Guy2015
23 Image shugo-chara-23029-episode-36-season-2.jpg I'm a Failure as a Leader, and He's Also a Failure as a Leader2015
24 Image shugo-chara-23030-episode-37-season-2.jpg I'm Odd Jobs, and He's Shinsengumi2015
25 Image shugo-chara-23031-episode-38-season-2.jpg Always Leave Enough Room for Fifty Million in Your Bag2015
26 Image shugo-chara-23032-episode-39-season-2.jpg Always Leave Enough Room for Pebbles in Your Bag2015
27 Image shugo-chara-23033-episode-40-season-2.jpg Style Goes Out of Fashion the Moment It's Put Into Words / There Are Two Types of People In This World: Those Who Yell Out Their Attack Names, and Those Who Don't2015
28 Image shugo-chara-23034-episode-41-season-2.jpg The Two Apes2015
29 Image shugo-chara-23035-episode-42-season-2.jpg Afros of Life and Death2015
30 Image shugo-chara-23036-episode-43-season-2.jpg Afuro and Wolfro2015
31 Image shugo-chara-23037-episode-44-season-2.jpg Take the Initial Premise Lightly, and It'll Cost You2015
32 Image shugo-chara-23038-episode-45-season-2.jpg Keep Your Farewells Short2015
33 Image shugo-chara-23039-episode-46-season-2.jpg One Editor Is Enough / The G-Pen Is Capricious and the Maru Pen Is Stubborn2015
34 Image shugo-chara-23040-episode-47-season-2.jpg Strike When the Sword and Overlord are Hot / Oil Rain2015
35 Image shugo-chara-23041-episode-48-season-2.jpg Shoguns of Light and Shadow2015
36 Image shugo-chara-23042-episode-49-season-2.jpg Ninja Village2015
37 Image shugo-chara-23043-episode-50-season-2.jpg Ninja Soul2015
38 Image shugo-chara-23044-episode-51-season-2.jpg And Then There Were Five2015
39 Image shugo-chara-23045-episode-1-season-3.jpg Those Who Protect Against All Odds2016
40 Image shugo-chara-23046-episode-2-season-3.jpg Sworn Enemy2016
41 Image shugo-chara-23047-episode-3-season-3.jpg The Crows Caw After the Battle Ends2016
42 Image shugo-chara-23048-episode-4-season-3.jpg Farewell, Buddy2016
43 Image shugo-chara-23049-episode-5-season-3.jpg The Day the Demon Cried2016
44 Image shugo-chara-23050-episode-6-season-3.jpg Heroes Always Arrive Fashionably Late2016
45 Image shugo-chara-23051-episode-7-season-3.jpg Lost and Found2016
46 Image shugo-chara-23052-episode-8-season-3.jpg Prison Break2016
47 Image shugo-chara-23053-episode-9-season-3.jpg Stray Dogs2016
48 Image shugo-chara-23054-episode-10-season-3.jpg Undelivered Mail2016
49 Image shugo-chara-23055-episode-11-season-3.jpg Karma2016
50 Image shugo-chara-23056-episode-12-season-3.jpg Nobume2016
51 Image shugo-chara-23057-episode-13-season-3.jpg Farewell Shinsengumi2016
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    La intreg sezonul 7 e o problema cu Playerul

    • filmeonline - 29 martie, 2021

      A fost urcat din nou sezonul 7