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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Sezonul 1

Returning Series 26 Episodes
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In the dawn of the 21st century, magic, long thought to be folklore and fairy tales, has become a systematized technology and is taught as a technical skill. In First High School, the institution for magicians, students are segregated into two groups based on their entrance exam scores: "Blooms," those who receive high scores, are assigned to the First Course, while "Weeds" are reserve students assigned to the Second Course. In 2095, two siblings enroll in First High School. Upon taking the exam, the prodigious Miyuki is placed in the First Course, while Tatsuya is relegated to the Second Course. Though his practical test scores and status as a "Weed" show him to be magically inept, he possesses extraordinary technical knowledge, physical combat skills, and unique magic—making Tatsuya the irregular at a magical high school. Still, he’s only interested in just leading a reasonably normal high school life but, because of his abilities trouble appears to go out of its way to find him…
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  • Felix - 02 aprilie, 2021

    nu mai are continuare?

    • filmeonline - 02 aprilie, 2021

      Momentan doar 2 sezoane are, sezonul 3 e in productie, nu au data officiala pentru sezonul 3 acest anime.

  • Cătălin - 12 februarie, 2021

    Cand apare sezonul 2?

    • filmeonline - 13 februarie, 2021

      Am fost urcat si sezonul 2.