Monster - Sezonul 1

Ended 74 Episodes
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25m 2004 45 views

Monster - Season 1 - 74 Episodes
1 Image Monster 1x1 Herr Dr. Tenma2004
2 Image Monster 1x2 Downfall2004
3 Image Monster 1x3 Murder Case2004
4 Image Monster 1x4 Night of Punishment2004
5 Image Monster 1x5 The Girl From Heidelberg2004
6 Image Monster 1x6 Reported Disappearance2004
7 Image Monster 1x7 Mansion of Tragedy2004
8 Image Monster 1x8 The Fugitive2004
9 Image Monster 1x9 An Old Soldier and a Young Girl2004
10 Image Monster 1x10 The Past That Was Erased2004
11 Image Kinderheim 5112004
12 Image Monster 1x12 A Meager Little Experiment2004
13 Image Monster 1x13 Petra and Schumann2004
14 Image Monster 1x14 The Only Man Left, The Only Woman Left2004
15 Image Monster 1x15 Be My Baby2004
16 Image Monster 1x16 Wolf's Confession2004
17 Image Monster 1x17 Reunion2004
18 Image Monster 1x18 The Fifth Spoonful of Sugar2004
19 Image Monster 1x19 Abyss of the Monster2004
20 Image Monster 1x20 Journey to Freiham2004
21 Image Monster 1x21 A Wonderful Holiday2004
22 Image Monster 1x22 Lunge's Trap2004
23 Image Monster 1x23 Eva's Confession2004
24 Image Monster 1x24 Men's Table2004
25 Image Monster 1x25 The Thursday Boy2004
26 Image Monster 1x26 Secret Forest2004
27 Image Monster 1x27 Evidence2004
28 Image Monster 1x28 Just One Case2004
29 Image Monster 1x29 Execution2004
30 Image Monster 1x30 A Certain Decision2004
31 Image Monster 1x31 Into the Light of Day2004
32 Image Monster 1x32 Sanctuary2004
33 Image Scenes From Childhood2004
34 Image Monster 1x34 At the End of the Darkness2004
35 Image Monster 1x35 Nameless Hero2004
36 Image The Monster of Chaos2004
37 Image A Monster Without A Name2005
38 Image The Demon in My Sight2005
39 Image The Hell In His Sight2005
40 Image Grimmer2005
41 Image Ghosts of 5112005
42 Image The Adventures of the Magnificent Steiner2005
43 Image Detective Suk2005
44 Image Two Darknesses2005
45 Image The Monster's Afterimage2005
46 Image Point of Contact2005
47 Image Nightmare's Door2005
48 Image The Scariest Thing2005
49 Image The Cruelest Thing2005
50 Image Mansion of Roses2005
51 Image The Monster's Love Letter2005
52 Image Lawyer2005
53 Image Decision2005
54 Image Escape2005
55 Image Room 4022005
56 Image The Unending Journey2005
57 Image That Night2005
58 Image An Unpleasant Job2005
59 Image The Man Who Saw the Devil2005
60 Image The Man Who Knew Too Much2005
61 Image The Door of Memory2005
62 Image A Fun Dining Table2005
63 Image Unrelated Murders2005
64 Image The Baby's Depression2005
65 Image Johan's Footprints2005
66 Image Welcome Back2005
67 Image I'm Home2005
68 Image Ruhenheim2005
69 Image A Peaceful Home2005
70 Image Town Bloodbath2005
71 Image The Magnificent Steiner's Rage2005
72 Image Man Without A Name2005
73 Image The Landscape of the End2005
74 Image The Real Monster2005
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