One Piece - Sezonul 19

Returning Series 74 Episodes
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Monkey D. Luffy, accompanied by Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Brook, and the minks Pekoms, Pedro, and Carrot, heads to Whole Cake Island, where Big Mom of the Yonko resides. Nicknamed the Sanji Retrieval Team,[1] they seek to rescue their crewmate Sanji from his arranged marriage with Charlotte Pudding, set up to finalize a political alliance between the Charlotte Family and the Vinsmoke Family.Totto Land is the fourth location the Straw Hats visit in the New World, with Cacao Island and Whole Cake Island being the fourth and fifth islands they visit.
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One Piece - Season 19 - 74 Episodes
1Image To the East Blue! Sanji's Resolute Departure!2017
2Image A Battle of Limits! Luffy and the Infinite Biscuits!2017
3Image Power of Fullness - New Gear Fourth Tankman!2017
4Image A Heartbreaking Duel! Duel - Luffy vs. Sanji - Part 12017
5Image A Heartbreaking Duel! Duel - Luffy vs. Sanji - Part 22017
6Image A Storm of Revenge! An Enraged Army Comes to Attack!2017
7Image The End of the Adventure - Sanji's Resolute Proposal2017
8Image I'll Wait Here! Luffy vs.the Enraged Army!2017
9Image Invading the Chateau! Reach the Road Ponegliff!2017
10Image A Fateful Confrontation! Luffy and Big Mom!2017
11Image Shout of the Soul - Brook and Pedro's Lightning Operation2017
12Image Goodbye - Pudding's Tearful Determination2017
13Image The History of the Left Eye - Pedro vs. Baron Tamago2017
14Image Moist Cigarette - The Night Before Sanji's Wedding2017
15Image The Undaunted Soul! Brook vs. Big Mom!2017
16Image Sora's Wish - Germa's Failure, Sanji2017
17Image To Reach Sanji! Luffy's Vengeful Hell-bent Dash!2018
18Image The Chateau in Turmoil! Luffy, to the Rendezvous!2018
19Image Deciding to Say Goodbye! Sanji and his Straw-Hat Bento!2018
20Image The Emperor Rolls Over! Rescue Brook Mission!2018
21Image The Rendezvous! Luffy, a One-on-One at His Limit!2018
22Image Liar! - Luffy and Sanji2018
23Image Sanji Comes Back! Crash! The Tea Party from Hell!2018
24Image A Secret Meeting! Luffy vs. the Fire Tank Pirates2018
25Image The Deadly Pact - Luffy & Bege's Allied Forces!2018
26Image Luffy Engages in a Secret Maneuver! The Wedding Full of Conspiracies Starts Soon!2018
27Image The Family Gets Together! The Hellish Tea Party Starts!2018
28Image The Broken Couple! Sanji and Pudding Enter!2018
29Image A Deadly Kiss! The Mission to Assassinate the Emperor Kicks Off!2018
30Image Returning the Sake Cup! The Manly Jimbei Pays His Debt!2018
31Image The Mission Failed?! The Big Mom Pirates Strike Back!2018
32Image Run, Sanji! SOS! Germa 66!2018
33Image Mom's Secret! The Giant's Island Elbaph and a Little Monster!2018
34Image The Birth of Mom! The Day That Carmel Vanished!2018
35Image The Launcher Blasts! The Moment of Big Mom Assassination!2018
36Image The Evil Army! Transform! Germa 66!2018
37Image Cutting the Father-Son Relationship! Sanji and Judge!2018
38Image Escape From the Tea Party - Luffy vs. Big Mom!2018
39Image The Execution Begins! Luffy’s Allied Forces Annihilated!?2018
40Image The Castle Collapses! The Straw Hat's Great Escape Begins!2018
41Image The Spear of Elbaf – Assault! Big Mom Soaring Through the Sky2018
42Image Pudding's Determination - Ablaze! The Seducing Woods2018
43Image A Lightning Counterattack! Nami and Zeus the Thundercloud!2018
44Image A Coincidental Reunion - Sanji and the Lovestruck Evil Pudding2018
45Image Save the Sunny! Fighting Bravely! Chopper and Brook!2018
46Image Before the Dawn! Pedro, the Captain of the Guardians!2018
47Image I'll Be Back! Luffy, Deadly Departure2018
48Image The Man with a bounty of Billion! The Strongest Sweet Commander, Katakuri2018
49Image A Hard Battle Starts! Luffy vs. Katakuri!2018
50Image The Green Room - An Invincible Helmsman, Jimbei2018
51Image The Threat of the Mole! Luffy's Silent Fight!2018
52Image The End of Deadly Battle?! Katakuri's Awakening in Anger!2018
53Image The Forbidden Secret - Katakuri's Merienda2018
54Image Luffy's Fights Back! - The Invincible Katakuri's Weak Point!2018
55Image Another Crisis! Gear 4 vs Unstoppable Donuts2018
56Image The Rebellious Daughter, Chiffon! Sanji's Big Plan for Transporting the Cake!2018
57Image A Man's Way of Life - Bege and Luffy's Determination as Captains2018
58Image The Cake Sank?! Sanji and Bege's Getaway Battle!2018
59Image Sulong - Carrot's Mysterious Great Transformation2018
60Image Break Through - Straw Hat Crew's Great Naval Battle!2018
61Image Finally, The Clash! The Emperor of the Sea vs. the Straw Hats!2018
62Image Dark King's Direct Precepts - The Battle Against Katakuri Turns Around2018
63Image He Finally Returns - Sanji, the Man Who Stops the Yonko2018
64Image Lurking in the Darkness - Assassin Attacks Luffy!2019
65Image A Man's Resolution - Katakuri's Life Risking Great Match2019
66Image Wake Up - To Cross Over the Strongest Kenbunshoku2019
67Image A God Speed Fist - New Gear 4 Activation!2019
68Image Finally, It's Over! The Climax of the Intense Fight against Katakuri!2019
69Image A Desperate Situation! The Iron-tight Entrapment of Luffy!2019
70Image Pulling Back from the Brink! The Formidable Reinforcements – Germa!2019
71Image The Last Hope! The Sun Pirates Emerge!2019
72Image A Captivating Flavor! Sanji's Cake of Happiness!2019
73Image The Man of Humanity and Justice - Jinbe, a Desperate Massive Ocean Current2019
74Image Time for Farewell! Pudding’s One Last Request!2019
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