OniAi - Sezonul 1

Ended 12 Episodes
After 6-years' separation, Himenokouji Akito reunites with his twin sister Akiko and they live together once more. However, in the interim, Akiko had developed a serious case of bro-con, romantic feelings for Akito. It doesn't stop there as Nikaidou Arashi, the student council president of his new school, vice-president Nasuhara Anastasia, and Sawatari Ginbei Haruomi, who followed Akito all the way from Kyoto, all move in with him one after the other.
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OniAi - Season 1 - 12 Episodes
1 Image season-1-17075-season-1.jpg Brother Love2012
2 Image OniAi 1x2 Indecent2012
3 Image OniAi 1x3 No Bra2012
4 Image OniAi 1x4 Naked2012
5 Image OniAi 1x5 Sexual desires2012
6 Image OniAi 1x6 Mayonnaise & chicken2012
7 Image OniAi 1x7 Chippai2012
8 Image OniAi 1x8 Colorful2012
9 Image OniAi 1x9 Nii-Nii2012
10 Image OniAi 1x10 “Gindama”2012
11 Image OniAi 1x11 Ephemeral2012
12 Image OniAi 1x12 It's love2012
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  • Florin - 11 august, 2020

    Nu știu dacă și celelalte ep sunt la fel dar acesta nu merge. Și îmi puteți spune daca va mai apărea și sezonul 2