Sword Art Online - Sezonul 1

Returning Series 25 Episodes
Image Eureka Seven
In the year 2022, a massive online role-playing game called Sword Art Online (SAO) is launched. With the aid of "NerveGear" technology, players can control their avatars within the game using nothing but their own thoughts. Kazuto Kirigaya is among the lucky few who get their hands on the first shipment. He logs in to find himself, with ten-thousand others, in the scenic and elaborate world of Aincrad. However, in a cruel turn of events, the players soon realize they cannot log out; the game's creator has trapped them in his new world until they complete all one hundred levels of the game. In order to escape Aincrad, Kirito will now have to interact and cooperate with his fellow players. Some are allies, while others are foes. Sword Art Online is not all fun and games: if they die in Aincrad, they die in real life. Kirito must adapt to his new reality, fight for his survival, and hopefully break free from his virtual hell.
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24m 2012 938 views

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  • demonhunterYT - 25 aprilie, 2020

    nu merge nici un episod de la nr 13 pana la 23

    • filmeonline - 27 aprilie, 2020

      Selecteaza Al doilea server unde scrie Hqq merge acolo deasupra ferestrei de vizionare.

  • anime_lover - 18 aprilie, 2020

    nu ma lasa sa il vizionez… si nici alte episoade din sezonul 3. spune „File was deleted ,, si chiar imi doresc sa termin anime-ul acesta :((

    • filmeonline - 18 aprilie, 2020

      O sa mai pun un player pana in jurul orei 3 cu toate episoadele.
      Multumesc pentru ca ai anuntat ca nu mai merg playerele.